Almost all my professional work is highly confidential and thus I cannot publicize about it. Sometimes I find time in my busy work schedule to write about some of my research which doesn’t fall under a non disclosure agreement. All my research projects are unpaid:

2022-10-06 Bedrijf achter online VVD-voorzitterschapsverkiezing heeft beveiliging en privacy niet op orde
2021-03-13 Lots of Instagram celebrities hacked via copyright infringement phishing scam
2020-11-18 Autofabrikanten volgen bestuurders overal en verkopen wat ze over hen te weten komen
2020-11-09 Komende Tweede Kamerverkiezingen zijn wederom wéér te hacken
2019-03-07 Komende verkiezingen wederom ongezien te hacken
2018-03-13 Security assessment of Dutch election software
2018-02-27 De verborgen wereld van Nederlandse nepdatingsites met nepprofielen en teams van chatoperators
2018-01-26 Password database of MediaMarkt leaks again
2017-12-30 Biggest meeting place for pedophiles is hiding in plain sight, and the people behind it
2017-09-29 DocPlayer: One of the world’s most visited websites that nobody is aware of
2017-01-31 Websites Nederlandse politieke partijen onvoldoende beveiligd
2017-01-30 How to hack the upcoming Dutch elections – and how hackers could have hacked all Dutch elections since 2009
2016-12-20 Access to 250,000+ event tickets and personal details
2016-05-13 How I accidentally found a huge data leak during a college lecture
2015-12-08 Epic failure of Phone House & Dutch telecom providers to protect personal data: How I could access 12+ million records
2015-11-14 Scanning an enterprise organisation for the critical Java deserialization vulnerability
2015-10-04 How I could hack internet bank accounts of Danish largest bank in a few minutes
2015-07-27 Full disclosure: multiple critical security vulnerabilities (including a backdoor!) in PHP File Manager
2015-07-05 Security risk analysis of address bar spoofing bug in Chrome and Opera
2015-02-08 Mitigations against critical universal cross-site scripting vulnerability in fully patched Internet Explorer 10 and 11
2014-11-18 Cross-site scripting in millions of web sites
2014-11-08 2.364 Nederlandse bedrijfswebsites met ernstige beveiligingslekken
2014-11-01 Password hash disclosure in Linksys Smart WiFi routers
2012-03-14 gehackt: Malware-analyse
2009-12-16 Veiligheidsanalyse iDEAL Lite voorbeeldcode
2009-12-01 Multiple vulnerabilities including SQL injection in DirectAdmin
2004-07-15 Web Programmers Hacking Guide

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Independent IT Security Researcher / Ethical Hacker
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