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Security risk analysis of address bar spoofing bug in Chrome and Opera

On June 30, 2015 security researcher David Leo publicly disclosed a vulnerability in Google Chrome on the full disclosure mailing list. Via this vulnerability it is possible to spoof the location of the address bar in the latest version of … Continue reading

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Software raadt aan om opnieuw op te starten

Vandaag starte ik mijn Canon printer op en kreeg de volgende foutmelding: “Printer error has occurred. Turn off power and then back on again. If problem persists, see the manual.” Iets wat elke computergebruiker eigenlijk wel weet, dat als je … Continue reading

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Setting cookies in PHP

My experience with setting cookies with PHP, a must read for every developer that uses Windows XP and doesn’t want to spend his time debugging cookies. If you’re using Windows XP with Internet Explorer and have a local web server … Continue reading

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