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Websites Nederlandse politieke partijen onvoldoende beveiligd

In de recente hack bij de Democratische Partij in de VS (toen Hillary Clinton presidentskandidate was), werden Clinton en haar partij in diskrediet gebracht doordat bijna twintig duizend interne mails van de partijtop op internet zijn geplaatst door WikiLeaks. Eerder publiceerde WikiLeaks meer … Continue reading

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How to hack the upcoming Dutch elections – and how hackers could have hacked all Dutch elections since 2009

As everybody has read in the newspapers, the recent American elections involved multiple and severe hacking attacks. Tens of thousands of confidential and private emails from Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) were leaked via WikiLeaks. It is thought … Continue reading

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Access to 250,000+ event tickets and personal details

In today’s episode of the insecure internet I present you the company Ticketscript. This event ticketing company provides tools and features to make selling tickets for events easier. According to their website: “[..] Ticket buyers are your biggest asset. Why … Continue reading

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How I accidentally found a huge data leak during a college lecture

A few weeks ago I gave a guest lecture at the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. Being a Windesheim graduate myself I’ve always kept in touch with my former teachers. One of them told me recently that … Continue reading

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Epic failure of Phone House & Dutch telecom providers to protect personal data: How I could access 12+ million records #phonehousegate

On September 11, 2015 I visited Media Markt in Utrecht Hoog Catherijne, a well-known electronics shop in The Netherlands. Since summer 2014, the biggest independent Dutch phone retail company Phone House also operates (white labeled) from within Media Markt locations … Continue reading

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How I could hack internet bank accounts of Danish largest bank in a few minutes

In August I visited the Chaos Communication Camp near Berlin. Once every four years this great and world’s greatest hacker festival is organized. I spoke with a couple of cool Danish hackers there and we talked about internet security and … Continue reading

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Full disclosure: multiple critical security vulnerabilities (including a backdoor!) in PHP File Manager

In July 2010 I was looking for a web based file manager that I could use on my own web server. After some research I found the PHP File Manager from Revived Wire Media. A basic, but good looking web … Continue reading

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Cross-site scripting in millions of web sites

In August 2014 I found a severe cross-site scripting security vulnerability in the latest version (1.13.0) of the ‘jQuery Validation Plugin‘ during a security penetration test for a customer. This jQuery plugin which adds easy form validation functionality to a web site, is … Continue reading

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2.364 Nederlandse bedrijfswebsites met ernstige beveiligingslekken

Toen ik in oktober 2012 op internet op zoek was naar een nieuwe auto, kwam ik een autobedrijf tegen waar ik een auto wou gaan kopen: (bovenstaande website is van een willekeurig bedrijf uit de lijst die ik later beschrijf) … Continue reading

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Password hash disclosure in Linksys Smart WiFi routers

This is my tale about reporting a specific security vulnerability in a major product, just to give some insight in how responsible disclosures are handled by a security researcher (me) and various software companies (Cisco, Linksys and Belkin). On May … Continue reading

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Veiligheidsanalyse iDEAL Lite bijgewerkt

Naar aanleiding van het overleg met Rabobank Nederland is het rapport over de iDEAL Lite voorbeeldcode bijgewerkt met nieuwe informatie.

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Vetrouwelijke rapporten openbaar gemaakt

Zojuist de volledige rapporten openbaar gemaakt over de iDEAL Lite en DirectAdmin beveiligingslekken uit eind 2009.

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