Workshop at Smart Grid Cyber Security & Privacy congress: The key to security

I’ve been invited to give a workshop at the European Smart Grid Cyber Security and Privacy congress this November about:

The key to securitySwitching to a proactive mindset towards security
Many companies strive towards an open, accessible, culture – which, unfortunately, seems to apply to their level of security as well. In this workshop, Secundity’s Sijmen Ruwhof demonstrates how to improve security. Most companies seem oblivious to the fact that they may expose vital information, with due consequences. However, it is shown from experience, that switching to an proactive mindset towards security, will save time, resources, and most importantly, money.

As is often the case, the first step towards an all-encompassing company security is awareness. The attendees of this workshop are learnt how to recognize and think like a burglar, a spy or even a competitor (!). By understanding the mind of a intruder, risks are more readily identified and remedied. Attendees are taught how to incorporate security management into their daily practice and thus reduce risks, by reviewing several cases and analyzing them in a plenary discussion.

The easiest way of making money, is not spending it. Even the smallest company invests a considerable amount of their resources to protect their assets, contacts and intellectual property. In this workshop, attendants are made aware of the pivotal role of security, and what it entails, to make security an integral part of everyday business.

08:30 Registration & Coffee
09:00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks
09:10 The key to security
09:40 Recognizing risks
10:15 Morning Coffee
10:45 Creating a security mindset
11:15 Integral security management
11:45 Security-by-design
12:00 Discussion
Chairman’s closing remarks

Are you interested and want to attend? Then register at the congress web site to secure your seat. See you in November!

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